Taking A Break…Or An Ending…

takingabreakTo My Readers:

I just wanted to let you all know that…again…I am taking a break from blogging. I am currently undergoing a pretty significant transition in my life (a good one) and I am not sure when…or even if…I will be back to blog. I have sincerely enjoyed tasting, eating and posting reviews for all the products I have and appreciate all the companies who have sent me their products. If this is the “end” of this blogpage, that is fine, as sometimes things are done for just a season of life. I hope you have enjoyed and have appreciated the brand/company/product information and descriptions I’ve provided, my personal opinions of taste, nutritional goodbyecontent, texture, product recommendations, etc. Thank you for all the Facebook “Likes” and Twitter “Tweets” you have given me, and all the valuable and appreciated Comments you have made. If I don’t return to blogging, I hope you all enjoy re-reading some of my posts and I sincerely wish you all happy and healthy living.

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