Detour Bars – *New!* Lower Sugar Neapolitan Bars!

detourwas so generous and gracious in sending me more samples of their delicious high-protein bars, even after my haitus.

I have previously posted a Review on the Detour Cookies & Cream which you can read here.

DSCF0952[1]Additionally, here is some information About Detour here.

Today’s post is about Detour’s *NEW* Lower-Sugar Neapolitan Bars!

Detour says about their new bar: “A triple play of delicious ice cream inspired flavors – a rich milk chocolate soft set layer sandwiched between creamy vanilla and sweet strawberry nougat – melt together in a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

  • Rich in branch chain amino acids
  • Recover and rebuild powerful muscle
  • Complete source of protein

Nutrition: (40 g bar) 170 calories, 5 g fat, 16 g carbs, 15 g protein.


* * * * * * *

DSCF0953[1] My Review & Ratings:    5.0 out of 5 – With the Cookies & Cream Detour bars I sampled last year, I have to admit, I had high-expectations for these *New*Caption Neapolitan bars. I have really enjoyed Detour’s other bar flavors, so when I heard that the company came out with this flavor, I was excited! I thought…”Brilliant and creative flavor idea! One of my favorite  ice-cream flavors wrapped up in a protein bar!”

I have not been disappointed! I was able to actually taste the strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors. For a low sugar bar, this bar actually comes close to the “real thing” of tasting like the ice-cream with the hard chocolate shell enclosing the lusciousness. I happened to have sampled this bar after coming back from Gold’s Gym, so I was hungry. It’s a great protein bar to have for a snack or on-the-go. As well, the nutritional value is great…pretty average for an energy bar. Not too many calories, fairly mid/low in fat, and definitely rocks with 15 g of protein per bar. As well, Detour bars are affordable. Plus, you can find them mostly anywhere, major grocers such as Albertson’s, and even gas DSCF0956[1]stations like Circle K, QT and 7-11. I plan on definitely purchasing this flavor in the future.

Again, a big thanks to Detour for sending me a full box to sample and review! This company has always been generous!

When I opened the wrapper, the first scent to my nose was the strawberry and when I took my first bite into this bar, I tasted the strawberry flavoring. Then, I tasted the chocolate. The two of these combined almost mimicked eating a chocolate covered strawberry! The bar is overall sweet, but not overly sweet. Detour’s Chocolate, Peanut-Butter and Caramel-Chocolate Bars all have more of a brownie/cake/cookie type texture, but the Neapolitan bar is actually “ice cream-like.” Unique and creative.

The texture of this Neapolitan bar has a nice soft outside chocolate hard coating. A lot of protein bars I’ve eaten tend to air on the harder or chewier end of the spectrum, but these Detour bars could be broken easily with your hands or a knife. Also, if you slice them in half, you can bareasily see the distinct difference in the wafer layer with the vanilla on the top 1/2 and strawberry on the bottom 1/2. Overall , these bars, when they do crumble a bit, are still a lot sturdier than most, which gives them a good yummy crunch when bitten into.

Also, the “insides” are wonderfully soft. The wafer layer in the middle offers a very nice crunch that compliments the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. This makes the bar taste and “feel” really like a frozen strawberry/vanilla ice-cream sandwich with the hard chocolate coating…all in the form of a protein bar.

Overall, I grew up eating Neapolitan ice cream, but now as an active adult, this Detour bar is a nice healthy alternative to get my “fix” of the three yummy Neapolitan flavors. Of all of the protein bars I’ve ever had, the new Neapolitan flavor is the best I’ve had, so far. Yep, I like them that much!

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~ Recipe! ~

As an “Addition” to this review and post0 these Detour bars reminded me of these very yummy looking “Neapolitan Cupcakes with Ice Cream Frosting” from Courtney from “Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life” Blogpage! I definitely encourage you to check-out her step-by-step directions, complete with great photos!


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Here are some great links and resources for Detour:

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Question for My Readers:  Have you ever tried Detour’s Neapolitan Protein Bars or products? If so, which ones, and which are your favorites?

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